IMMEX improves services offered at Moisson Estrie

By a generous donation, IMMEX Société Immobilière improves services offered at Moisson Estrie.

Team Moisson Estrie is proud to announce the dedicated food processing donation offered by IMMEX from Sherbrooke. The financial contribution has several positive effects for the organization but primarily benefits those in need, accompanied daily by Moisson Estrie.

Recovery of food:

“With this donation, hiring a cook 4 days per week is now possible. With this resource, we make food processing and can recover about 80% of the foods that were once destined for the trash. This is a plus for the environment and it is a bonus for people who receive services from Moisson Estrie, which can provide meals on the shelves of our social grocery. These dishes are thought to be both nutritious and tasty. This new feature is highly appreciated by some 60 people accompanied daily by the team Moisson Estrie.

Social isolation and training:

In addition to the recovery of food and supply of prepared meals to customers, the food component can accommodate 4 to 6 volunteers that will lend a hand to the cook. The activity is available to all clients who come to seek help through agents of food aid.  It is offered to them to register for the chance to come and enjoy cooking, and in addition to benefit of advice, tips and tricks in preparing meals. It is also an opportunity for them to socialize and build relationships in order to avoid social isolation. For some it is very difficult to take the first step to participate in the cooking activity, but once there, they are fun and very often we see them back, “says Geneviève Côté, Director General of Moisson Estrie.

“It is important for us to support causes and organizations in the region that make the difference for many people in need. The kitchen at Moisson Estrie is a concrete example where activities cause a significant difference for many.  A site visit and meeting people who benefited convinced us to continue our contribution to this cause. “Explains Sébastien Morin, Vice President Immex.

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In the photo, are: Louis -Olivier Roy (Vice-Chair, Board of Directors Moisson Estrie ), Charles Boisvert (Chairman, Board of Directors Moisson Estrie ), Caroline Sevigny (Head Cook, Moisson Estrie ), Sébastien Morin (Vice -President, IMMEX Société Immobilière) and Geneviève Côté (CEO, Moisson Estrie ).

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