New players at Promenades King

Excavation work has begun at Promenades King to prepare the ground for two new commercial projects. Indeed, the A & W fast food restaurant will be located on King Street West and will occupy an area of ​​approximately 2200 square feet including a drive-thru service. The opening is scheduled this fall. “We are very excited about the opening of a new A & W restaurant on King Street West. We have been looking for a site in this area for a long time. The site proposed by Immex Société Immobilière gives us an unexpected visibility and accessibility. In addition, we will create 45 new jobs. Our family will be at its 4th restaurant in the greater Sherbrooke area since 2014. We are very excited to welcome even more fans of real good burgers! “says Stéphane Dubé, development director of Groupe Dubé. Discussions are also underway for a second project adjacent to the A & W with an area of ​​approximately 2400 square feet.

A great craze

Owner of Promenades King since December 2016, Immex Société Immobilière continues to improve and develop this shopping center of over 150,000 square feet. “We have received many positive comments from merchants and customers who are very happy to see all the changes made in recent months. The demand for this site continues to grow, “says Sébastien Morin, Vice President of Immex Société Immobilière. In fact, in addition to the two buildings to be built, the Fan Club boutique, Services Funéraires Harmonia Estrie, Unifor 78 and the Clinique médicale des Promenades King have chosen to settle in this shopping center while the Skinner & Nadeau jewelery store is moving into a new local and Caron Chaussures will expand his. “We are also in discussions with several potential tenants and we hope to make other announcements soon,” continues Mr. Morin.

It must be said that the appearance of Promenades King has significantly changed since last summer. New benches and flowerpots were installed, the building was repainted, the facades redone, the lighting on the boardwalk was completely replaced, the visual appearance near King Street West was improved and a new sign on pedestal allowing a larger number of display spaces replaced the original one. This rejuvenation work will continue until the fall and also include to add islands of greenery and plantations. A new logo more current and consistent with the goal of boosting the image of the mall will be posted shortly. “We are proud to give a second, well-deserved life to this shopping center located in the heart of the city,” Mr.Morin says in closing.