Starbucks chooses les Promenades King

The construction of two new commercial projects has begun a few weeks ago at Promenades King. We remember that the restaurant A & W confirmed its project last April. Now it is Starbucks’ turn to do it. “We are very pleased to welcome Starbucks at the Promenades King. We had a significant demand on the site for a coffee shop of this type “, explains Sébastien Morin, Vice President of Immex Société Immobilière. This second Starbucks Coffee in Sherbrooke will have an area of ​​approximately 2400 square feet and will offer drive-thru services. The opening is scheduled for spring 2019.

Physical transformation

All the customers at the Promenades King agree that it has changed in recent months. “We have been working very hard since we are owner to refresh and update the site. It is a unique shopping center in Sherbrooke because of its privileged geographical location in the heart of the city. Both merchants and customers are very attached to this shopping center, “says Mr. Morin.

Remember that the first phase of the work, which has begun in the fall of 2017, included the installation of new benches and flowerpots, the painting of the building, the renovation of the facades, the complete replacement of the lighting on the boardwalk, improved visual appearance from King Street West and a new pylon sign allowing for more display spaces. The second phase of the work, completed a few days ago, included renovating the sidewalks, improving access to the shopping center from King Street West, adding landscaping and islets of greenery in the parking lot as well as the painting of lampposts.

Virtual transformation

Not only have the Promenades King been physically rejuvenated, but the mobilization of merchants, supported by Immex Société Immobilière, is yielding excellent results. The first step was to create a new logo to announce the new colors of the mall. “We had to update the image of the Promenades King. By working hand in hand with the Promenades King Merchants Association, we feel a breath of dynamism propel the mall, “says Mr. Morin. In fact, the Promenades King Merchants Association launched a new website and a facebook page last August to better communicate with their customers. In addition, a communication campaign that supports all the changes of recent months is currently underway in various media.