Immex Raises Funds for the Fondation Rock Guertin

Immex, a local real estate developer, is also known for its work in the community. The Sherbrooke company has contributed to the annual fundraising campaign and wine and cocktail event for the Fondation Rock Guertin. This Sherbrooke institution distributes food to the needy, not only at Christmas, but throughout the year.

Thanks to funding and food donations, more than 2000 families in the region receive a basket of food for the Holidays. Although the Fondation Rock Guertin was set up under the theme of the « Basket of Hope », several groups and organizations have benefited from the donors’ generosity throughout the year. This includes several schools in the region, the Chaudronnée de l’Estrie, the Coalition sherbrookoise pour le travail de rue, Naissance Renaissance Estrie, La Grande Table…

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