• The King Radisson Campus is located on the north side of King Street West between the Jacques O'Bready (410) highway and Radisson Street.
  • This sector will be largely improved within the next 12 to 24 months and will confirm the major attraction of this part of King St. West.
  • A new complex of 2 buildings with office and commercial space will be built on the current site of the hotel Le Baron (see Complexe Le Baron - project in development).
  • The Hôtel Gouverneur is currently under construction and will be completed during 2015. 

Developing neighborhood


  • The complex contains six buildings of about 119,000 square feet of office space and 15,000 of commercial space.  
  • A traffic light is located at the corner of King Street West and Radisson Street, which facilitates access from either east or west

Complex description


  • Located near several restaurants, grocery stores, pubs/restaurant-bars, banks, pharmacies, gas stations and several other businesses.
  • Interior and exterior parking spaces available for tenants.